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Update default SRB2 version to v2.2.7, and add

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# RevEngMS
### A reverse engineered Master Server.
This Master Server was clean-room reverse engineered from James's Master Server (currently hosted [here]( "James's Master Server").)
A live version can be found [here]( "Golden's Master Server").
#### Dependencies
- Apache (with `libapache2-mod-php7.3` or `libapache2-mod-php`)
- PHP (with `php7.3-mysql` or `php-mysql`)
- MySQL (MariaDB in MySQL compatibility mode works too)
There might be other depends that I've forgotten.
#### Installation
1. Create a SQL user — a good default is `srb2_ms`@`localhost` — and give it a password. Remember the username, hostname, and password you choose for later.
2. Execute the included `structure.sql` via a SQL user with database creation/modification permissions. It will create the database `srb2_ms` and not touch any other databases. (If you're unsure, check the file itself!)
3. Grant the new account created in Step 1 full privileges to the database `srb2_ms`.
4. Fill the credentials from Step 1 into `php/msheader.php` so that your Master Server can read and write to the `srb2_ms` database.
5. Copy the `html` and `php` folders into your Apache web server's equivalent of `/var/www` or `/srv`. Make sure to merge `html/.htaccess` with any existing `.htaccess` you have, otherwise users will see the raw PHP code of `html/ms`!
Afterwards, you should have a working Master Server!
You can now modify the `srb2_ms` database to add or remove rooms, ban or unban players, unlist servers, etc.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ CREATE TABLE `ms_versions` (
INSERT INTO `ms_versions` (`mod_id`, `mod_version`, `mod_vstring`, `mod_codebase`, `mod_name`, `mod_url`) VALUES
(18, 42, 'v2.2.2', 205, 'SRB2 2.2', '');
(18, 48, 'v2.2.7', 220, 'SRB2 2.2', '');
-- --------------------------------------------------------
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