Commit f01697bf authored by Ashnal's avatar Ashnal
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Prevent the connection from being canceled when in Record Attack

Fixes a crash that can happen when starting RA attempts if you press
keys/buttons that would cancel a netgame connection
parent 0241b73d
......@@ -2468,7 +2468,7 @@ static boolean CL_ServerConnectionTicker(const char *tmpsave, tic_t *oldtic, tic
key = I_GetKey();
// Only ESC and non-keyboard keys abort connection
if (key == KEY_ESCAPE || key >= KEY_MOUSE1 || cl_mode == CL_ABORTED)
if (!modeattacking && (key == KEY_ESCAPE || key >= KEY_MOUSE1 || cl_mode == CL_ABORTED))
CONS_Printf(M_GetText("Network game synchronization aborted.\n"));
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