Commit dc86206c by James R.

Count any files not already loaded toward filestoload?

parent d96f93f8
......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ INT32 CL_CheckFiles(void)
if (fileneeded[i].status == FS_NOTFOUND || fileneeded[i].status == FS_MD5SUMBAD || fileneeded[i].status == FS_FALLBACK)
downloadrequired = true;
if (fileneeded[i].status == FS_FOUND || fileneeded[i].status == FS_NOTFOUND)
if (fileneeded[i].status != FS_OPEN)
if (fileneeded[i].status != FS_NOTCHECKED) //since we're running this over multiple tics now, its possible for us to come across files checked in previous tics
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