Netcode changes

  • The game no longer freezes on player join
  • Fixed an issue where the game would fail to advertise servers on the master server
  • Added support for HTTP downloads, a much more reliable means of downloading files than the current downloader
  • Join password functionality has been removed due to compatibility issues

Item changes

  • Throwables now travel slower when thrown backwards
  • Fixed an issue where explosion items (namely mines) would explode twice in a single frame
  • Fixed an issue where orbiting items would not protect you from your own placed traps
  • Fixed an issue where blockmap errors would prevent the SPB explosion from happening
  • Fixed spring panels sending you in the wrong direction when under growth or shrink

Replay Hut

  • Added support for free camera in replays
  • Rewinding is now much faster

OpenGL changes

  • GIF recording is now supported
  • Encore palettes are now functional in OpenGL
  • Models no longer repeatedly try to look for texture files that don't exist, resulting in a performance boost
  • Skin colors on models are now closer to how they appear on sprites. The new colors can potentially cause slowdown on lower end hardware, however
  • Models no longer use 3D signposts, and instead fall back on sprites for better compatibility
  • OpenGL now makes use of shaders, significantly improving the quality and accuracy of rendering
  • Render calls are now batched, leading to a significant performance boost
  • Sky domes have been implemented, improving the accuracy of sky rendering
  • Issues with OBS Game Capture have been fixed

Misc changes

  • 64-bit Windows builds have been discontinued. They are still supported, but binaries will no longer be distributed
  • Record attack now skips the race intro and jumps straight to the countdown. Compatibility with old replays is still maintained
  • Added the ability to retry in record attack by pressing the pause button
  • The file limit has been raised from 48 to 127
  • Updated various maps

Modding changes

  • Added the VoteThinker hook to the game, allowing code to be run at the voting screen
  • Added the MusicChange hook to the game, allowing music changes to be intercepted and overridden
  • Added displayplayers.iterate, for iterating through displayplayers
  • Exposed additional functions to Lua, mostly music-related:
    • S_MusicType
    • S_MusicPlaying
    • S_MusicPaused
    • S_MusicInfo
    • S_MusicName
    • S_MusicExists
    • S_GetMusicLength
    • S_SetMusicLoopPoint
    • S_GetMusicLoopPoint
    • S_SetMusicPosition
    • S_GetMusicPosition
    • S_PauseMusic
    • S_ResumeMusic
    • CV_FindVar
    • K_SetRaceCountdown
    • K_SetExitCountdown
  • Exposed additional variables to Lua:
    • consoleplayer
    • displayplayers[]
    • racecountdown (equivalent to countdown in source)
    • exitcountdown (equivalent to countdown2 in source)
  • MFE_DRAWONLYFORPx flags now stack instead of being canceled by each other
  • Added linedef executor 323: A linedef executor similar to Encore Load that only executes in Record Attack

Bonuschars updates

  • Updated Miku's sprites, again, and her sounds
  • Updated NiGHTS' sprites, again, courtesy of Chrispy
  • Updated Aigis' sprites, again, courtesy of TelosTurntable
  • Updated Silver's sprites
  • Fixed Hero Chao's wanted poster being one pixel short