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      Merge branch 'precip-overflow-fix' into 'master' · 5019077f
      Monster Iestyn authored
      Precipitation sprite overflow fix
      This fixes artifacts of rain/snow sprites appearing on-screen in levels that have rain/snow, if said sprites were high enough above the camera. This kind of thing was previously fixed for sprites of regular objects (and textures of FOFs?), but apparently the fix wasn't applied to sprites for precipitation as it turns out.
      I found this most easily reproducable in SRB2TD's Stormy Streets level, because some of the invisible FOFs make raindrops continually splash right up at the sky ceiling itself. Position your camera underneath them right and ...voila, ghostly precip sprites apparently appearing. (You'll need to make a SOC to make the level playable in vanilla SRB2 mind)
      See merge request !169
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      Merge branch 'dedicated-console-fix' into 'master' · 591fe13c
      Monster Iestyn authored
      Dedicated console shift-down fix
      This fixes the special console window used by dedicated mode not properly telling the game when shift is held down since the console improvements added in 2.1.17. This means shift+1 is properly interpreted as "!" again rather than 1, shift+- should be "_" rather than "-", etc.
      Sorry LJSonic your problems from pre-2.1.17 are probably just your keyboard being for a different locale than the one most SRB2 players play with so I'm aware, I'm not sure what can be done for the time being. =V
      Fun note, you can see how the game interprets un-executed input to the console window by playing normal (not dedicated) SRB2 with `-console`, which creates a second window for the console just like you'd see for dedicated mode. Drop down the console on the main SRB2 window, switch to the console window and type something in (DON'T PRESS ENTER), and you'll see the input appearing in the input space in the console window at the same time!
      See merge request !163
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      Merge branch 'td-render-fix2' into 'master' · 823aa7d2
      Monster Iestyn authored
      TD render fix 2: Electric boogaloo
      This fixes TD's terminal stage freezing the game in a similar manner to Lava Mountain, except this time the FOFs aren't zero-height so it's a slightly different situation?
      See merge request !160
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      Fix endless loop of R_DrawRepeatMaskedColumn if both sprtopscreen and... · 3212ee0b
      Monster Iestyn authored
      Fix endless loop of R_DrawRepeatMaskedColumn if both sprtopscreen and sprbotscreen are CLAMPMAX (INT32_MAX)
      This fixes the grid floors in TD's Lava Mountain freezing the game if they go off the bottom of the screen far enough (they have ACWRFL1A as the wall texture, which is a single patch texture with holes)
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