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- As you can see, there is sub-directory in the repository, one for eatch
  platform (djgpp (dos),win32,SDL) the root directory is for all platform,
  so take care of the order we have put in.
- do not commit/upload tests of bugged code, try to fix a maximum of know
  bugs and update know bugs list in source.txt. If you must commit your source
  make your code in #ifdef so we can disable it
- SRB2 is a modification of doom/Doom Legacy source. We allow additionnal feature
  and visual addition.
- Maximize communications between members, do not impose your changes, if your
  are not sure about a feature/change, talk about it in irc:// chat room.


- We use no tab, 4 space indent, and tab size 8 (in case some tab have filtred
  and for makefile)
- Self documented code, variable and function must have a name that help
  understand the code, so do not call variable and function a,b, a2, ...
- the usage of extern in a c file is prohibited, except for declaration of a
  function with body (so it is like public keyword in c++)
  Also function protos haren't allowed for external function, put it un the
  corresponding h file.
- Try to minimize #ifdef usage for :
  - code readability
  - the main code is for all port so if something is good for a platform all
    platform can benefit by this feature
- Take care of platform dependent code, we would like to have code that work
  on Dos, Win32, SDL, ... little and big endian, software/Glide/OpenGl.


- Try to put as mush static variable and function on module so it help to
  understand the role of the varaible/function in the module also this
  help the compiler to optimize
- minimise global variable
- make a log of your work, so you don't need to put a lot of comment in
  the code, this will also help us to update the what's new section of doc
  when doing final release