Commit 32773b71 by James R.

Use ordered ids instead of hashes for cvar netid

Originally 6acd99c0
parent bff6b190
......@@ -56,7 +56,9 @@ static boolean CV_FilterVarByVersion(consvar_t *v, const char *valstr);
static boolean CV_Command(void);
consvar_t *CV_FindVar(const char *name);
static const char *CV_StringValue(const char *var_name);
static consvar_t *consvar_vars; // list of registered console variables
static UINT16 consvar_number_of_netids = 0;
static char com_token[1024];
static char *COM_Parse(char *data);
......@@ -1126,7 +1128,6 @@ consvar_t *CV_FindVar(const char *name)
* \param s Name of the variable.
* \return A new unique identifier.
* \sa CV_FindNetVar
static inline UINT16 CV_ComputeNetid(const char *s)
......@@ -1146,12 +1147,14 @@ static inline UINT16 CV_ComputeNetid(const char *s)
* \param netid The variable's identifier number.
* \return A pointer to the variable itself if found, or NULL.
* \sa CV_ComputeNetid
static consvar_t *CV_FindNetVar(UINT16 netid)
consvar_t *cvar;
if (netid > consvar_number_of_netids)
return NULL;
for (cvar = consvar_vars; cvar; cvar = cvar->next)
if (cvar->netid == netid)
return cvar;
......@@ -1184,11 +1187,11 @@ void CV_RegisterVar(consvar_t *variable)
// check net variables
if (variable->flags & CV_NETVAR)
const consvar_t *netvar;
variable->netid = CV_ComputeNetid(variable->name);
netvar = CV_FindNetVar(variable->netid);
if (netvar)
I_Error("Variables %s and %s have same netid\n", variable->name, netvar->name);
variable->netid = consvar_number_of_netids++;
/* in case of overflow... */
if (variable->netid > consvar_number_of_netids)
I_Error("Way too many netvars");
// link the variable in
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