Commit 3edbf0a0 by Monster Iestyn

Fixed P_CheckSight not considering polyobject top and bottom at all

This was actually kind of easier to do than I expected, though I can't tell if there's anything else I need to do or not
parent f0256c41
......@@ -103,12 +103,20 @@ static fixed_t P_InterceptVector2(divline_t *v2, divline_t *v1)
static boolean P_CrossSubsecPolyObj(polyobj_t *po, register los_t *los)
size_t i;
sector_t *polysec;
if (!(po->flags & POF_RENDERALL))
return true; // the polyobject isn't visible, so we can ignore it
polysec = po->lines[0]->backsector;
for (i = 0; i < po->numLines; ++i)
line_t *line = po->lines[i];
divline_t divl;
const vertex_t *v1,*v2;
fixed_t frac;
fixed_t topslope, bottomslope;
// already checked other side?
if (line->validcount == validcount)
......@@ -140,7 +148,22 @@ static boolean P_CrossSubsecPolyObj(polyobj_t *po, register los_t *los)
// stop because it is not two sided
return false;
//if (!(po->flags & POF_TESTHEIGHT))
//return false;
frac = P_InterceptVector2(&los->strace, &divl);
// get slopes of top and bottom of this polyobject line
topslope = FixedDiv(polysec->ceilingheight - los->sightzstart , frac);
bottomslope = FixedDiv(polysec->floorheight - los->sightzstart , frac);
if (topslope >= los->topslope && bottomslope <= los->bottomslope)
return false; // view completely blocked
// TODO: figure out if it's worth considering partially blocked cases or not?
// maybe to adjust los's top/bottom slopes if needed
//if (los->topslope <= los->bottomslope)
//return false;
return true;
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