Commit 90b02428 by Tatsuru

Put his name at the right order

parent fbcc0c25
......@@ -1138,6 +1138,7 @@ static const char *credits[] = {
"Iestyn \"Monster Iestyn\" Jealous",
"William \"GuyWithThePie\" Kloppenberg",
"Alice \"Alacroix\" de Lemos",
"Logan \"Hyperchaotix\" McCloud",
"Alexander \"DrTapeworm\" Moench-Ford",
"Andrew \"Senku Niola\" Moran",
......@@ -1149,7 +1150,6 @@ static const char *credits[] = {
"Daniel \"Inazuma\" Trinh",
"Jarrett \"JEV3\" Voight",
"Logan \"Hyperchaotix\" McCloud",
"\1Music and Sound",
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