Commit 932bf9b2 by James R.

Merge branch 'ogl-shader-light-clamp' into 'next'

Clamp light level for shaders. Fixes #194. Closes #194 See merge request !1085
parents b45bd699 e4d6e92f
......@@ -214,6 +214,9 @@ void HWR_Lighting(FSurfaceInfo *Surface, INT32 light_level, extracolormap_t *col = (UINT8)blue;
// Clamp the light level, since it can sometimes go out of the 0-255 range from animations
light_level = min(max(light_level, 0), 255);
Surface->PolyColor.rgba = poly_color.rgba;
Surface->TintColor.rgba = tint_color.rgba;
Surface->FadeColor.rgba = fade_color.rgba;
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