Commit beba43cf by James R.

Add a menu option for showjoinaddress

I also had to make the "alphaKey" UINT16. Hopefully nothing breaks!
parent 405639bc
......@@ -1663,8 +1663,11 @@ static menuitem_t OP_ServerOptionsMenu[] =
#ifndef NONET
{IT_HEADER, NULL, "Advanced", NULL, 225},
{IT_STRING | IT_CVAR | IT_CV_STRING, NULL, "Master server", &cv_masterserver, 231},
{IT_STRING | IT_CVAR, NULL, "Join delay", &cv_joindelay, 246},
{IT_STRING | IT_CVAR, NULL, "Attempts to resynchronise", &cv_resynchattempts, 251},
{IT_STRING | IT_CVAR, NULL, "Show IP Address of Joiners", &cv_showjoinaddress, 256},
......@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ typedef struct menuitem_s
void *itemaction;
// hotkey in menu or y of the item
UINT8 alphaKey;
UINT16 alphaKey;
} menuitem_t;
extern menuitem_t MP_RoomMenu[];
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