Commit e721a3d8 by mazmazz

Merge branch 'side-discolor-fix' into 'master'

Fix colormap bleeding onto sides [by Jimita] See merge request !427
parents 4656a0d0 4c6334f4
......@@ -1126,6 +1126,9 @@ void R_RenderThickSideRange(drawseg_t *ds, INT32 x1, INT32 x2, ffloor_t *pfloor)
// Get data for the column
col = (column_t *)((UINT8 *)R_GetColumn(texnum,maskedtexturecol[dc_x]) - 3);
// guess what I just fixed? -monster psychic cat
dc_colormap = colormaps;
// SoM: New code does not rely on R_DrawColumnShadowed_8 which
// will (hopefully) put less strain on the stack.
if (dc_numlights)
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