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    • Sound test is cool now! · 5f8671b1
      toaster authored
      * Port MUSICDEFs from Kart.
          * Safe to modify without modifying game, so we can put it in music.dta eventually.
          * "Title", "AltTitle", "Authors" fields are self-evident.
          * "Soundtestpage" and "Soundtestcond" are used to determine which sound test unlockable can play them (set with Unlockable's variable, just like Level Select).
          * "Stoppingtime" and "BPM" both accept floats, and are used for presentation stuff on the sound test.
          * Ironically, we don't share a single field name with them. Such is the case of differing foci, though, and I expect they'll change their implementation to match (since this is necessary for a sound test).
      * Change how S_AddSoundFx works to avoid iterating through all of them, and to allow cv_soundtest to only scroll through defined slots (instead of the infinite wall of thok sounds when scrolling to the left).
      * Change V_DrawFixedPatch to allow scaling on two seperate axes.
          * Now called "V_DrawStretchyFixedPatch".
          * "V_DrawFixedPatch" is a macro to V_DrawStretchyFixedPatch now (same scale on both axes).
          * Available to Lua under v.drawStretched!
          * Even works in GL!
      * Bugfix: Add SR_PLAYER to SOC's menutypes_list.
      Stay tuned for the merge request, where I put the onus on the Music Team to finish this off...
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    • Remember when Lach recorded their live reaction to 2.2 so far? Do you recall… · 2a452ddc
      toaster authored
      Remember when Lach recorded their live reaction to 2.2 so far? Do you recall what the reaction to ACZ3 was?
      If you don't, the reaction was "WHAT?? Why is he here? This is GREAT but, what??" And while the reaction is on the positive end of things, it's stll clearly not advisable for our defining Big Reveal of the already huge update.
      To this end: Here is a mini cutscene! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/428262628893261828/626207624043429898/srb20005.gif
      * He's digging through Eggman's trash.
      * Clearly doesn't expect to see you!
      * Ready for a fight all the same.
      * You can attack him during the mini cutscene if you're impatient.
      * Skipped if you give him MTF_AMBUSH.
      * Requires new assets (including map) to test, but I'm not ready to make a MR yet because I have other thoughts first.
      Also, since I was poking around in p_enemy.c, I fixed A_Boss1Laser's issues (not working with direct 2.1 port states and having the weird secondary attack).
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    • Now it's CA_TWINSPIN's turn to get the improvements! · 8f6973cb
      toaster authored
      * Remove PF_THOKKED every time a successful damage bounce occours.
      * When this happens, spawn a number of particles based on thokitem at half scale! (Optimised, again, for MT_LHRT.)
      * Also spawn these particles when a successful spring boost occours, as well as playing a twisted spring sound.
      Also, some other related tweaks:
      * Optimisations to A_VultureBlast, which was used as a base for the particle creation.
      * Make the Metal Sonic boss use P_PlayerCanDamage instead of a custom, somewhat broken player damage detection mechanism.
      * P_SpawnGhostMobj takes colorized into account.
      * Fold Tails propeller damage into P_PlayerCanDamage.
      * When performing an Attraction Blast, place the player in roll frames.
      * Update all conditions preventing SH_PINK to incorporate thokitem and spinitem as well.
      * Buff MT_LHRT travel distance at slow speeds.
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    • Implement MIXNIGHTSCOUNTDOWN · 469ed9cb
      Marco Z authored
      An alternate mode to NiGHTS countdown jingle: play it as an SFX while fading down the music.
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    • MONSTER COMMIT. · 6e07631c
      toaster authored
      * Spheres in old special stages instead of rings!
      * Individual timers in old special stages instead of a global one!
      * Old special stages use a variant of the NiGHTS HUD now!
      * Special stage damage in old special stages loses 5 seconds of time instead of 10 rings/spheres!
      * All damage gained through old special stages is converted to special stage damage! As a consequence, the special spikeball has no need to be special anymore.
      * Made emerald gaining function be based on special stage number rather than gained emeralds!
      * Consistency with...
      * Spheres now flash in bonus time. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400761370800422922/452590553100713984/srb20032.gif
      * Sphere and ring mapthingnums are now less fucked up in 'em. (Rings are 300, same as usual, while Spheres are now 1706 replacing NiGHTS Wings.)
      * useNightsSS is now dead. Each individual special stage is now assessed for NiGHTS-mode behaviour based on maptol & TOL_NIGHTS.
      * CRAWLA HONCHO\n CAN NOW BE\n SUPER CRAWLA HONCHO end tally modification now also includes a mini-tutorial on turning super. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400761370800422922/452844894113759233/srb20036.gif
      * SONIC GOT A CHAOS EMERALD? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400761370800422922/452623869497573386/srb20034.gif
      * Colour Chips and Star Chips! Replaces Spheres and Rings of NiGHTS Special Stages.
      * Colour Chips turn yellow in bonus time.
      * Ideya!
      * Its own "drowning" music!
      * All of the object types for Dream Hill.
      * GIF: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400761370800422922/452844894113759233/srb20036.gif
      RANDOM BS:
      * Turn super with the spin button instead of the jump button!
      * Followmobj now correctly set with P_SetTarget instead of pointer assignment.
      * Emerald hunt uses new sprites!
      * Made unlock noise different from emblem gain noise! (It's the CRAWLA HONCHO CAN NOW TURN yadda yadda sound from S3K now.)
  21. 13 May, 2018 1 commit
    • * DrT's Spincushion hardcoded. · a738ef99
      toaster authored
      * Make the MF_PAIN stuff ONLY depend on mass, using the bottom 8 bits for the type and the custom sound in the upper ones.
      * A bunch of cleanup of random other stuff, including an unused Deton state and an unused Jetty type's sprite.
  22. 28 Apr, 2018 1 commit
    • * Haunted Heights! Smashing spikeball, Cacolantern, Spinbobert and Hangster,… · 5cc1befc
      toaster authored
      * Haunted Heights! Smashing spikeball, Cacolantern, Spinbobert and Hangster, along with the Spider and Bat flickies and general decoration/ambience stuff.
      * MF_PAIN and MF_MISSILE now support setting damagetype via their Mass parameter. The two existing conflicts - the fuse setting for the grenade weapon ring and the Cybrakdemon napalm bomb - had these moved to other free parameters.
      * A_ConnectToGround is EXTREMELY useful for palmtrees and stuff.
      * Some other, relatively hacky A_ functions.
      * (Unrelated) Remove the need for a "Mario block mode" for the token by making it natively compatible.
      * Spikes and their time-offsetting via that Lua script sphere made. Also allow for wallspikes to do it via their angle/360.
  23. 17 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Closed captioning! · 3e29ee3f
      toaster authored
      * Provides a helpful description for the hearing impaired, whether permanent, temporary or situational.
      * Consvar "closedcaptioning", with on/off values available.
      * Only works if sounds are on. This is frustrating. I will see what I can do to allow it to work with sounds off in future, but for now it's dependent in order to properly accept or decline sounds.
      * Thanks to MI for making that wiki page a lot more comprehensive a few days ago.
      * Weapon ring is now a seperate sfx_wepfir instead of doubling up on sfx_thok.
      * Also, made V_StringWidth work with V_NOSCALESTART.
  24. 23 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • A bunch of stuff again. · fa29f7de
      toaster authored
      * Lock on targets bob now, and are used for CA_HOMINGTHOK and SH_ATTRACT as well.
      * Flag stuff is now animated like it was designed to be but which was kinda messed up.
      * Cork sounds.
      * P_SpawnLockOn(player_t player, mobj_t lockon, statenum_t state) for Lua.
      * Added homing/firing CA2_GUNSLINGER stuff at egg guard shields.
      * Fixed homing stuff wrt egg guard shields and sea egg balloons.
      * Fixed attract orb goin' gold when doing a CA_HOMINGTHOK homing ability.
      * Fixed positioning of player during homing attack.
      * Cleaned up lockon spawn code.
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    • The concept of "music slots" doesn't exist anymore. · 8c17dac5
      Inuyasha authored
      Use whatever names you want for your music. So long as you prefix the lumps with O_ or D_, it doesn't matter anymore.
      DISCLAIMER: Linedef type 413 (change music) and Lua scripting is not tested.
      (cherry picked from commit 025ca413)
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/p_user.c
  29. 08 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • The concept of "music slots" doesn't exist anymore. · 025ca413
      Inuyasha authored
      Use whatever names you want for your music. So long as you prefix the lumps with O_ or D_, it doesn't matter anymore.
      DISCLAIMER: Linedef type 413 (change music) and Lua scripting is not tested.
  30. 31 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • rewrite of monitors to accomodate repeat use monitors. · 265a607b
      Inuyasha authored
      It's a lot nicer in general, honestly. I think a couple bugs with custom monitors respawning got fixed in the process.
      Note that a monitorgfx.wad is needed if you want to see things besides <!>s for monitors, due to graphic changes.
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