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    Merge branch 'version-prep' into 'master' · 5022cde4
    Sal authored
    Version prep
    See merge request KartKrew/Kart!148
    (cherry picked from commit dfc4b22c911340e330a0f71fabb4a1461b5747ed)
    183e75ff Final v1 colors
    9629fb32 Modify the first shade of Byzantium
    39bea80b Add options for adjusting deadzone, increase default deadzone from 0.25 to 0.5
    f99a5a6a Fix wheel animations
    fd148ec2 Dumbass typo
    e772a750 Missed a spot
    3d71a0aa Merge branch 'next-colors' into 'v1'
    071b335d Merge branch 'anim-fix' into 'v1'
    0cd815cb Merge branch 'deadzone-bullshit' into 'v1'
    30c19caa Update version number
    8f07ed77 Update patch.kart hash
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