Commit 60bbf1d8 by sphere

Merge branch 'fix-pit_checkthing-crash' into 'next'

Check against null tmpusher source before attempting to push a thing. See merge request STJr/SRB2!1413
parents dc5572ba 12205314
......@@ -8458,6 +8458,9 @@ static inline boolean PIT_PushThing(mobj_t *thing)
if (thing->player && thing->player->powers[pw_carry] == CR_ROPEHANG)
return false;
if (!tmpusher->source)
return false;
// Allow this to affect pushable objects at some point?
if (thing->player && (!(thing->flags & (MF_NOGRAVITY | MF_NOCLIP)) || thing->player->powers[pw_carry] == CR_NIGHTSMODE))
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