Commit d915da65 by sphere

Merge branch 'dashaction' into 'next'

Scale minimum dashmode thok speed on actionspd, not normalspeed See merge request STJr/SRB2!1311
parents 5cab285b da7cdd92
......@@ -5301,7 +5301,7 @@ static void P_DoJumpStuff(player_t *player, ticcmd_t *cmd)
fixed_t actionspd = player->actionspd;
if (player->charflags & SF_DASHMODE)
actionspd = max(player->normalspeed, FixedDiv(player->speed, player->mo->scale));
actionspd = max(player->actionspd, FixedDiv(player->speed, player->mo->scale));
if (player->mo->eflags & MFE_UNDERWATER)
actionspd >>= 1;
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