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Fix off-by-one error in BRIGHT and TERRAIN lump parsing

JugadorXEI requested to merge JugadorXEI/RingRacers:EOFEndsDefinition into master

Fixes a character or new-line being required after the last definition in TERRAIN and BRIGHT lumps, a common footgun as other lump types do not require this.

Test WAD: JUG_TerrainTest_EOFEndsDefinition.pk3

Test Steps:

  • Load test wad: addfile JUG_TerrainTest_EOFEndsDefinition.pk3
  • Load level: map JUG_TERRAINTEST
  • The light gray-colored Stairs texture should have its brightmap and terrain type (SpecialStageWood) set.

Before (v2.3): ringracers0231

After: ringracers0232

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