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Gravity flip bugfixes & additions

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After noticing that a couple of ERZ's gravity-related gimmicks don't work at all for taller characters*, this branch was started to implement them 'properly' as their own features. Along the way, a couple of gravity-related bugfixes were implemented as well.

Test exe: srb2win_gravityflipping.exe - Updated 12/09/2022 at 11:30 CET

Test map: gravtest.wad


  • Added sector type 1536, Flip Gravity on Jump, which does what it says on the tin (think VVVVVV)
  • Added an option to linedef type 433 (Enable/Disable Gravity Flip) that will invert the player's current gravity
    • Uses '[5] Slope Skew' flag in binary
  • Added a flag to linedef type 1 (Per-Sector Gravity) that will override MF2_OBJECTFLIP when combined with the "Flip in reverse gravity" flag, changing the player's reverse gravity from permanent to temporary
    • This allows for easier creation of 'walkable ceiling' areas
    • Uses '[13] Effect 6' flag in binary
  • Added linedef executor triggers that check the gravity of a player/object
    • Actions 343-345 in binary, action 343 in UDMF



  • Elemental Shield:
    • Fixed the stomp's flames having the wrong gravity while using Gravity Boots (Fixes #430 (closed))
    • Removed MT_SPINFIRE-specific hack in P_GetMobjGravity, and fixed the underlying issue
  • Included the item dropping changes from !1603 (closed), plus Lach's correction from the comments (Fixes #661 (closed))
  • Fixed quicksand not behaving properly when in reverse gravity (Fixes #378 (closed))

* This, plus zoom tubes being too small for them, will be changed in an upcoming patch.

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