OpenGL shaders

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OpenGL OpenGL (no shaders)
srb20685 srb20686
srb20711 srb20712
srb20709 srb20710
Software OpenGL (no shaders, even lighting) OpenGL (shaders, even lighting) OpenGL (shaders, fake contrast) OpenGL (shaders, smooth lighting)
srb20753 srb20754 srb20755 srb20756 srb20757
Software OpenGL OpenGL (no shaders)
srb20746 srb20747 srb20748
srb20734 srb20735 srb20736
srb20737 srb20738 srb20739
srb20728 srb20729 srb20730
srb20731 srb20732 srb20733
srb20743 srb20744 srb20745
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