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2.1.16 is here! Fairly self explanatory, right? But before the patch notes, let's talk media coverage. We don't usually get attention from the wider world, but within the space of three weeks we've gotten three seperate sites reporting on us!

1) - Dorkly mentioned us in their list of cool pop culture DooM mods. We're mentioned alongside ancient greats like Ghostbusters DooM as well as the more modern Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch!

2) - IGN went into our game wanting to hate it, but realised they couldn't! D'aww. Someone should tell them we have mediocre support for controllers.

3) - Last but not least, Gizmodo interviewed us devs about the history of the game for an article that went up today! We gave 'em a 2.2 screenshot for their header image as gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

We did give them a few more images than they had space for, so here's the other two - featuring the new versions of Tails, GFZ1 and CEZ1! It also features our new Sonic, although he's now available on the message board with some custom abilities for fun [url=]here[/url].

Now that's out of the way, patch notes are after the cut.

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* A ton of slope changes! Some say they weren't ready for .15, so we put some effort into fixing them up for primetime.
	* Teetering on the edge of platforms and ledges now takes slopes into account.
	* Slopes can have their physics disabled by applying the No Sonic linedef flag to their master linedef. (Zone Builder will probably rename that linedef flag for the slope types soon enough, but until then...)
	* Slope physics now take sector gravity into account.
	* Vertex slopes now crash with a descriptive error message if they're set up wrong (instead of uselessly declaring a state of PANIC without any diagnostic information).

* Software renderer fixes! Because it really needed the love.
	* Fixed the most common way the software renderer could crash in 2.1.15.
	* Fixed sloped FOFs with translucent pixels in Software losing their translucency when enveloped in a colormap.
	* Fixed skybox positioning being visually inconsistent between chasecam and first person mode.
	* Fixed sprites in skyboxes being drawn with weird artifacting.
	* Fixed the linedef backside textures of Polyobjects floating above the polyobject's position.
	* Single-sided linedef skewing now behaves like midtexture skewing - the No Midtexture Skew linedef flag disables, instead of it being on by default.

*OpenGL renderer fixes! #notallimplementations
	* Lower unpegged in OpenGL is now consistent with its new behaviour introduced in Software mode from 2.1.15 onwards.
	* Fixed an issue with OpenGL where a specific arrangement of floor and ceiling slopes caused HOMs.

* P_GetMobjGravity(mobj) is a new function available to Lua. Death to the terrible hacks you may or may not have been using previously!

* Knuckles can now climb on one-sided linedefs that don't have the No Climb flag.
* Fixed an issue where colliding with the edges of Mario blocks, bustable FOFs, and bouncy FOFs was extremely unreliable. (Man, how old is this bug? And it was a one letter typo, too. I am a goddess.)
* Fixed falling through a reverse platform FOF clipping you downwards (and vice versa with reverse gravity and normal platforms).

* Running into a spring that's on a slope will now always send you on the path of the spring instead of sending you off at an awkward angle. This also goes for gas jets.
* Fixed gas jets jumping around on slopes. You don't want to know how we found this bug.
* Flung Match Emeralds now disappear in death pits instead of uselessly bouncing until the cows come home.

* Fixed zero-length REJECT lumps reading arbitrary memory. Now you can use ZDBSP to nodesbuild your SRB2 maps if you really want to!

* We, uh, accidentially compiled 2.1.15 without any optimisations turned on. Enjoy the game having playable performance again!