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      Implement Uncapped (squashed) · 8f354ad9
      Eidolon authored
      Co-Authored-By: Sal's avatarSally Coolatta <tehrealsalt@gmail.com>
      Co-Authored-By: James R.'s avatarJames R <justsomejames2@gmail.com>
      Co-Authored-By: Monster Iestyn's avatarMonster Iestyn <iestynjealous@ntlworld.com>
      Co-Authored-By: katsy's avatarkatsy <katmint@live.com>
      Place Frame Interpolation in "Experimental" video options header
      This seems like an appropriate way to describe the feature for now.
      Add smooth level platter under interpolation, `renderdeltatics`
      `renderdeltatics` can be used as a standard delta time in any place,
      allowing for smooth menus. It will always be equal to `realtics`
      when frame interpolation is turned off, producing consistent
      framerate behavior everywhere it is used.
      Add smooth rendering to save select screen
      Add smooth rendering to Record/NiGHTS Attack, F_SkyScroll
      Ensure viewsector is accurate to viewx/viewy
      This fixes a potential crash in OpenGL when changing between levels.
      Ensure + commands get executed before map start
      Always have precise_t defined
      Fix misc dropshadow issues
      Reset view interpolation on level load
      Remove unnecessary precipmobj thinker hack
      Add reset interpolation state functions
      Reset precip interpolation on snap to ceil
      Reset mobj interp state on TeleportMove
      Only swap view interp state if a tick is run
      Run anti-lag chasecam at tic frequency
      Fixes jittery and unstable chasecam in high latency netgames
      Homogenize mobj interpolations
      Add sector plane level interpolations
      Add SectorScroll interpolator
      Add SideScroll interpolator
      Add Polyobj interpolator
      Intialize interpolator list at a better time
      Delete interpolators associated with thinkers
      Interpolate mobj angles and player drawangle
      Interpolate HWR_DrawModel
      Add functions to handle interpolation
      Much less code duplication
      P_InitAngle, to fix angle interpolation on spawning objects
      Fully fix drop shadows
      It used the thing's floorz / ceilingz directly -- that wouldn't account for interpolated coordinates.
      Do not speed up underwater/heatwave effect in OpenGL
      Closer OpenGL underwater/heatwave effect to Software
      Interpolate from time of previous tic
      Previously interpolated from last 35th of a second, which
      may be offset from game time due to connection lag.
      Consider this the proper fix to 54148a0dd0 too.
      Calculate FPS stuff even if frame is skipped
      I decided ultimately to actually keep the frame skip optimization disabled, because I think it is actually a little bit helpful that you can still get accurate rendering perfstats while paused, however if we decide otherwise then we can have this optimization back without making the game act like it's lagging.
      Keep rect in memory
      Feel better about this than creating one all da time
      Lots of FPS stuff
      - Disabled VSync, due to the numerous problems it has.
      - Instead, added an FPS cap.
      - Frame interpolation is now tied to fpscap != 35.
      - By default, the FPS cap is set to the monitor's refresh rate.
      - Rewrote the FPS counter.
      (This also consolidates several more commits ahead of this
      fixing various issues. -eid)
      Misc changes after Kart cherry-picks
      Fix renderdeltatics with new timing data
      Update mobj oldstates before all thinkers
      Allow FPS cap values
      Adjust how FPS cap is checked to improve FPS stability
      Fix precip crash from missing vars
      Improve the framerate limiter's timing for extreme stable FPS
      Handle the sleep at the end of D_SRB2Loop instead of the start
      Simplifies logic in the other parts of the loop, and fixes problems with it frequently waiting too long.
      Reset mobj interp state on add
      Add mobj interpolator on load netgame
      Move mobj interpolators to r_fps
      Dynamic slope interpolators
      I_GetFrameTime to try and improve frame pace
      (It doesn't feel that much better though.)
      Move I_FinishUpdate to D_SRB2Loop to sync screen updates with FPS cap, use timestamps in I_FrameCapSleep to simplify the code
      Fix plane interpolation light level flickering
      Fix flickering plane interpolation for OpenGL in the exact same way
      Funny OpenGL renderer being at least 50% copy-pasted Software code :)
      P_SetOrigin & P_MoveOrigin to replace P_TeleportMove
      Convert P_TeleportMove use to origin funcs
      Revert "P_InitAngle, to fix angle interpolation on spawning objects"
      This reverts commit a80c98bd164a2748cbbfad9027b34601185d93f5.
      Waypoint polyobjects interpolate z & children
      Add interpolation to more moving plane types
      Adds interpolation to the following:
      - Crumbling platforms
      - Mario blocks
      - Floatbob platforms (this one works really strangely due to two thinkers, maybe double-check this one?)
      Reset overlays interp states each TryRunTics
      Interpolate model interpolation (lol)
      Use interp tracer pos for GL linkdraw
      Papersprite angle interpolation
      Makes the ending signpost smooth
      Move intermission emerald bounce to ticker
      Bring back shadows on polyobjects
      Also optimizes the method used so rings can show their shadows too. Using just the subsector is a tad bit imprecise admittedly but any more precise methods get really laggy.
      Fix a bunch of ticking in hu_ drawing functions
      Revert "Reset overlays interp states each TryRunTics"
      This reverts commit a71a216faa20e8751b3bd0157354e8d748940c92.
      Move intro ticking out of the drawer
      Adjust 1up monitor icon z offsets
      Fixes interpolation issues with 1up monitors.
      Delta time choose player menu animations
      Add drawerlib deltaTime function
      Interpolate afterimages further back
      Use old sleep in dedicated mode
      Clamp cechotimer to 0
      Fixes issues with cechos staying on-screen and glitching out
      (NiGHTS items for example).
      Revert "Remove unnecessary precipmobj thinker hack"
      This reverts commit 0e38208620d19ec2ab690740438ac2fc7862a49e.
      Fix frame pacing when game lags behind
      The frame timestamp should've been made at the start of the frame, not the end.
      Fix I_FrameCapSleep not respecting cpusleep
      Jonathan Joestar bruh
      Allow dedicated to use precise sleep timing again
      Instead of only using one old sleep, just enforce framerate cap to match TICRATE.
      Make Lua TeleportMove call MoveOrigin
      Reset Metal fume interp state on appear
      Add interpdebug
      Put interpdebug stuff in perfstats instead
      Add timescale cvar
      Slow the game down to debug animations / interpolation problems! Speed it up if you need to get somewhere quickly while mapping!
      Enable timescale outside of DEVELOP builds
      It has NETVAR, so it should be fine -- put an end to useful debugging features excluded in multiplayer!
      Force interpolation when timescale != 1.0
      Reset old_z in MT_LOCKON think
      Fixes interpolation artifacting due to spawn pos.
      Fix cutscenes in interp
      Fix boss1 laser in interp
      Interpolate mobj scale
      Precalculate refresh rate
      Slower PCs can have issue querying mode over and over. This might kinda suck for windowed mode if you have different refresh rate displays but oh well
      Fix interp scaling crashing software
      Reset interp scale when Lua sets .scale
      Disable angle interp on fresh mobjs
      Fix interp scale crash for hires sprites
      Interp shadow scales
      Copy interp state in P_SpawnMobjFromMobj
      Fix multiplayer character select
      Don't interpolate mobj state if frac = 1.0
      Fix Mario block item placement
      Interpolate spritescale/offset x/y
      Fix offset copies for SpawnMobjFromMobj
      Add Lua HUD drawlists
      Buffers draw calls between tics to ensure hooks
      run at the originally intended rate.
      Rename drawerlib deltaTime to getDeltaTime
      Make renderisnewtic is false between tics
      I know what I'm doing! I swear
      Completely refactor timing system
      Time is now tracked internally in the game using I_GetPreciseTime
      and I_UpdateTime. I_Time now pulls from this internal timer. The
      system code no longer needs to keep track of time itself.
      This significantly improves frame and tic timing in interp mode,
      resulting in a much smoother image with essentially no judder at
      any framerate.
      Ensure mobj interpolators reset on level load
      Ensure view is not interpolated on first frame
      Disable sprite offset interpolation (for now)
      Refactor timing code even more
      System layer is greatly simplified and framecap
      logic has been moved internally. I_Sleep now
      takes a sleep duration and I_SleepDuration
      generically implements a precise sleep with spin